Induction systems

Induction systems are generally characterized by excellent heating quality, reproducibility and process control and therefore have clear advantages over conventional heating systems (such as gas- or oil-heated systems). This also includes the significantly higher efficiency of modern induction heating systems, which is in the range of 60% to 66% for aluminum and can even exceed 90% for steel (see also: Basics of induction heating and determining electrical efficiency). Against the background of rising energy prices and stricter environmental regulations, the use of induction systems for extrusion or forging is the most economical in the long term. In this context, the greater flexibility of induction systems should be mentioned, as they do not require a long preheating or start-up cycle after a shutdown process before actual production can begin. Probably the most important advantage of induction heating systems, however, is the ability to transfer several orders of magnitude more power, which allows significantly higher throughputs in relation to the available space.

Modern induction systems of the highest quality

Induction systems for sliding parts


Our extensive product range includes induction heating systems for tempering, annealing or preheating furnaces for forging, extrusion and hot forming of steel, non-ferrous and non-ferrous metals (especially aluminum, copper and brass). All components are individually designed and manufactured to meet your requirements. You receive a well-balanced concept of robust, durable and failure-resistant mechanics and highly efficient converter technology, based on the latest digital IGBT technology (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). The induction systems are CE-certified and meet all current norms and safety standards. Thanks to their outstanding high quality and technical concepts tailored to individual requirements, they have proven themselves over many years of use by international customers.

Maintenance and repair of induction systems and coils

We offer a highly specialized repair service for induction heating and melting systems of all types and makes. Our all-round service includes both collection and delivery to your plant. Convince yourself of our excellent price/performance ratio and short processing times and benefit from an individual special offer for new customers.

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