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Our extensive range of products and services offers our customers customized solutions in the following areas:

  • Inductive heating
  • Heat treatment
  • Induction hardening
  • Inductive melting

Our services and products meet strict quality criteria. In order to guarantee and continuously improve the sustainability of our standards in the long term, our quality management system is subject to regular and strict external controls in accordance with the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

Induction heating for your production

We develop suitable solution concepts that are specially tailored to your individual needs. Our system technology enables high-quality technical implementation and can usually be easily integrated into an existing production chain. Qualified specialists take care of commissioning on site and are also available to you for long-term after-sales service. With our wide range of services, we are the right contact for new acquisitions, modernizations or repairs and maintenance work for all makes and manufacturers. With state-of-the-art computer-aided simulation processes, we have the right tools for development, optimization and damage analysis, while at the same time saving costs and time. In addition, we have extensive possibilities to support the implementation of feasibility studies with heating and melting tests.

Below you will find a summary of our services and products.

Inductive heat treatment

Inductive heat treatment makes it possible to specifically adjust the material properties with regard to hardness, brittleness and toughness as well as internal stresses. Components can be heat treated both locally and over large areas, and entire workpieces - including workpieces with complex geometries such as gears and shafts - can be processed.

Inductive hardening

Due to its numerous advantages, induction hardening has established itself as a heat treatment process for improving the quality of components and structural parts. Induction surface hardening to reduce wear is particularly widespread in the automotive and aerospace industries. We sell turntable hardening systems, vertical feed machines and special systems for single-tooth hardening of large gears.

Inductive starting

Tempering is usually carried out after the hardening process in order to relieve stresses, increase ductility and reduce brittleness. Both induction hardening and induction tempering are usually integrated as separate processes within the same machine.

Inductive annealing

The stresses introduced during casting, welding or forging, but also during heavy mechanical processing, often require subsequent heat treatment. Stress relief annealing relieves internal workpiece stresses and reduces unwanted distortion. Thanks to the excellent process control, the annealing temperature and duration can be set precisely during induction annealing and high product quality and reproducibility can be guaranteed.

Our systems have a modular design and can be individually tailored to customer requirements. Further information on induction heat treatment can be found in the induction hardening systems section.

Inductive heating for hot forming

Induction heating for hot forming covers one of the largest areas of application. Depending on the requirements and material, the following distinctions are made:

Heating to forging temperature

Induction system for forging blocks

Induction system for forging blocks

In addition to the small space requirement and high throughput rates, the reduced scale formation and the avoidance of edge decarburization and coarse grain formation are just some of the advantages of induction heating. Furthermore, induction technology enables the setting of a uniform and reproducible temperature profile, which is the decisive factor for the quality of the end product.

Inductive preheating for extrusion

Similar to forging, induction heating has numerous process-related advantages when extruding pipes and hollow profiles. Due to the high requirements for a uniform and reproducible temperature profile during preheating, induction technology offers the highest precision and process reliability.

Inductive preheating and intermediate heating during rolling

By specifically adjusting the frequency to the workpiece geometry, unacceptable temperature differences between the surface and the core can be avoided. In addition to round billets, square blocks and slabs, induction heating is also particularly suitable for flat material and blanks.

Further information on our products can be found in the Heating systems section.

Spare parts for induction systems

We have a wide range of spare parts for various induction heating systems, hardening machines and melting furnaces.

Spare parts for induction heating

LF choke

In addition to the electrical components such as:

  • Chokes and transformers
  • Capacitors
  • Inductors and coils

we offer spare parts for mechanics, conveyor technology and cooling water supply. On request, we can support you with maintenance and repair work with trained specialist personnel on site.

Transistor converters and generators

Transistor converters have been used for inductive heating since the 1990s. MOSFETs (metal-oxide field-effect transistors) are generally used for low power and high frequencies, whereas IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar transistors) are used for high power in the low and medium frequency range. They are characterized by excellent energy efficiency, low mains feedback and high switching speeds. We offer our customers the latest generation of digital inverters with numerous features:

  • Digital inverter control
  • cos phi close to 1 on the grid at full and partial load
  • Several separately controllable outputs
  • High efficiency and flexibility
  • Parameterization via software
  • Ethernet, USB and RS232 interface available
  • Change operating parameters via remote access
  • Fault memory with 200 memory locations
  • Actual value memory with integrated chart recorder
  • Plain text display

Special services for induction heating and heat treatment

We also offer our customers specialist support in the following areas:

Engineering for induction systems

We determine the right system concept, the optimum coil geometry and the necessary process parameters for your induction system or your heating or melting process. We are the right contact for all technical questions. In addition, we are available to assist you with the technical implementation or, if you wish, we can take full responsibility for it.

  • Design of induction coils
  • Determining the electrical parameters
  • Technical implementation

Optimization through numerical simulations

With the help of numerical simulations, even complex heating or melting processes can be virtually reproduced on the computer. In this way, detailed insights and important data can be obtained with little effort in order to carry out optimizations, eliminate sources of error or increase energy efficiency.

  • Increase in efficiency
  • Reduction of costs
  • Improving quality

Consulting for inductive systems and processes

Induction heating of bolts and billets

Non-optimal temperature profile

We advise you on all questions relating to induction and find a technical solution for your ideas. Based on our experience and know-how in the field of induction systems, induction heating, induction hardening or other applications of induction technology, we will show you the existing possibilities and advise you on the selection of the optimum concept for your individual needs. In addition, we will help you with planning, support you with new acquisitions, analyze the potential of your existing systems or processes or show you existing opportunities for improvement.

Why is advice important for induction heating?

The field of induction heating is very specialized and is only dealt with superficially at universities. As a result, there are only a few competent contacts who can provide expert advice. In addition, the investment costs for induction systems are in most cases higher than for conventional heating processes. As a rule, the investments made only pay for themselves after some time, for example through an increase in throughput, higher energy efficiency or better product quality, even if the process is running well. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that the optimum benefit is achieved for the expenditure incurred. However, this is not always the case. Bad investments are often made due to ignorance or incorrect advice, which can result in considerable direct and long-term financial damage. The reason for this can be, for example, that a manufacturer of induction systems prefers to sell a standardized solution that is not tailored to the individual circumstances of the customer or, in the worst case, pursues the wrong technical concept for the respective customer-specific requirements. We can provide you with comprehensive advice on whether and how an induction system can improve your product or production. We will develop a technical solution tailored to your needs and, if necessary, find the right manufacturer with the best price/performance ratio.

  • Expert opinion
  • Advice on modernization and new investments
  • Support with supplier selection and price negotiations
  • Development of concepts and solutions

Material data

Precise knowledge of the physical material parameters - in particular the electrical resistance or electrical conductivity or the permeability coefficient - of the insert or the component to be heated is of crucial importance for induction heating. Since these values depend in particular on the temperature (but also on other possible influencing factors such as field strength) and can even change abruptly (for example, in the case of the permeability of ferromagnetic steel when the Curie temperature is exceeded), it is essential to take this behavior into account during inductive heating. We have an extensive database of different metals and alloys and can record temperature-dependent measurement series for you if required. We are also happy to advise and support you in setting up your own measuring equipment.

EMC measurement

Any exposure to electromagnetic fields poses a health risk that essentially depends on the frequency and intensity of the radiation and should be avoided wherever possible. In the case of electrical devices, a distinction is made between static fields, low-frequency fields and high-frequency fields. The proven effects on humans range from stimulation effects on sensory, muscle and nerve cells due to the currents induced in the body in the case of low-frequency fields, to thermal effects - a warming of the body or individual areas of the body - when high-frequency fields are absorbed. In addition, long-term effects such as the impairment of concentration and brain function, headaches, sleep disorders, general malaise or the connection with the development and acceleration of tumor growth are still the subject of current research. In order to be able to assess the risk posed by a radiation source to people in the vicinity, it is necessary to investigate the tolerance of the immissions. This area is referred to as electromagnetic compatibility in the environment or electromagnetic environmental compatibility (EMC). The legal regulations on occupational safety in areas where electromagnetic fields occur require compliance with the specified national limit values to protect personnel. Before commissioning, after technical modifications and at regular intervals, compliance with the limit values must be checked and personnel must be informed of the potential hazards. Our qualified personnel will carry out the necessary EMC measurements for your company in accordance with DIN 0848 and, based on the measurement results, prepare a compliant report in accordance with the legal requirements. The best prevention of accidents in the workplace is well-trained staff - we also take care of informing your employees about the dangers of exposure to electromagnetic fields and show you what precautions to take to minimize health risks in the workplace.

  • Measurements according to DIN 0848
  • Safety briefing and staff training

Induction heating for melting and electromagnetic stirring

Inductive melting

Inductive melting

In the field of induction melting, we offer comprehensive complete solutions ranging from small-volume laboratory systems or melting furnaces for jewelry production to systems with several tons of melting volume for iron or non-ferrous metals. Our products are characterized by high energy efficiency and particularly long service lives.

  • Process analysis / consulting
  • Computer-aided development and optimization
    • Generation of a virtual model with the aid of all physical influencing factors
    • Creation of numerical simulations and analysis of the data obtained
    • Carrying out feasibility studies
  • Technical implementation

Maintenance and repairs

As the most important component for induction heating, the coil or inductor requires regular care and maintenance. In this context, we offer a maintenance and repair service for induction heating and hardening systems as well as induction melting furnaces of all types and makes with coil diameters between 12 mm and 1500 mm. The high quality of our products through innovative production technology and trained specialist personnel is reflected in particular in the high precision and extended service life.

  • High quality
    • We increase the service life of your heating coils through outstanding workmanship, high precision and first-class insulation values
  • Fast processing
    • As a rule, coil repairs are carried out within 5 weeks
  • Transportation
    • You don't need to worry about anything else, we organize the collection and delivery
  • Ideal price/performance ratio

Numerical simulations

Calculated steady-state flow velocity in the coreless induction furnace

Calculated steady-state flow velocity in the coreless induction furnace

Numerical simulations have now established themselves as one of the most important tools not only for induction heating, but also in other areas of modern research and development activities. The basic idea is not to treat a complex problem as a whole, but to break it down into many simple discrete sub-areas. This makes it possible to combine the results of the sub-areas into an overall solution using numerical methods. In many cases, this is what makes it possible to investigate or solve complex scientific or engineering problems in the first place. Using state-of-the-art software and sound specialist knowledge, we generate a virtual model for your product, process or production sequence. In order to achieve a realistic image, we evaluate the overall context and limit ourselves to all relevant physical influencing factors. This gives us the opportunity to analyze all geometric and process-related parameters in detail. This enables us to carry out optimizations to increase quality, new designs and developments or feasibility studies for you, saving you an immense amount of time and money. You can find some examples of this in the induction heating and inductive melting sections.


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